Sandra Hitchcock

I practice as a Family Mediator and Relationship Consultant.

During therapy I follow a solution focused and strength-based approach. I endeavour to empower people by enhancing their natural problem-solving skills and coping strategies to bring about change within their unique circumstances


I specialize in resolving conflict through mediation in divorce or other family or relational difficulties. 


I am an accredited family and commercial mediator.


I prefer and eco-systemic model and transformative style in divorce and family mediation.

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People are faced with conflict situations daily. It presents itself in their personal lives, in the workplace and in many other areas. Since conflict is such a common occurrence, one would assume that people have the skills to deal with it effectively. Unfortunately, when caught up in the conflict most people struggle. They often need assistance to understand the root causes of the conflict and decide on the appropriate actions to resolve it. 


I follow an integrative therapeutic approach in couples work due to the varied nature of issues couples bring to therapy. The aim being to assist couples to gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflict and improve relationship satisfaction.

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This workshop provides information to individuals and families wanting to learn more about family mediation. The content covers topics that would assist you to understand the process and appropriateness for your reasons considering mediation.

A couple’s mediation journey

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