Welcome to my new website and blog!

If you are reading this, you are either interested in mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method, going through a divorce, experiencing a tough period in your relationship or life in general due to high conflict or trauma. Whatever your reason, I am pleased that you are visiting my blog and hope to see you regularly in future.

I shall be writing about the work that I do in ways that will be helpful to you in your personal circumstances. I aim to be informing you on developments in the world of mediation, conflict management and relationships. You will also learn about workshops and training in these fields.

Just this last week I presented a forty hour basic training in mediation with a group of eighteen participants. They reported that the skill of mediation that they have acquired, will assist them in all spheres of their life and work. They realized that the skill does not stand on its own but was already integrated in their existing set of skills towards the end of the course.

Relationships are a process of continuous negotiations. Negotiations are about knowing what you want and need, what you cannot go without and what you are willing to compromise. The quality of the ongoing relationship will depend on the trust that exists. It is therefore important to strive towards a climate of reciprocity in your personal and collegial relationships.